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Posted by cloudninerescueflights, May 29, 2014 9:01 pm

When I write on the blog, I typically focus on the flights we perform and the dogs we save. The reality is there is a great deal of work behind the scenes that makes these flights possible, most of which goes into keeping our aircraft safe and operating in tip top condition. We also work with suppliers to get discounted or donated parts to allow us to focus more of your donated money towards direct operating costs (i.e. fuel) so we can save more puppies. I focus a great deal on safety and reliability, and one of the important aspects to reliability is keeping the battery properly while the plane isn’t flying. We do this with a BatteryMinder battery tender.

Recently, we upgraded to a Concorde battery (donated by Concorde – a far superior battery to the previous one we had installed). This required a change to our battery tender, for which BatteryMinder was kind enough to donate the modification. Combined, these donations saved us enough money for about two hours worth of fuel.

I want to thank BatteryMinder and Concorde for their donations that help keep us flying. Thanks to the support of companies like these, we’re able to save more homeless pets. Thank you, BatteryMinder and Concorde!