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Posted by cloudninerescueflights, October 2, 2012 9:07 pm

In addition to providing you with status updates on our fundraising, we’ve decided to also answer your pet-related questions weekly. The intent is for it to keep focused on hypothetical pet-related questions, but all questions will be considered. If this is popular and our fans want us to keep this going, we will continue to do so after the fundraiser. We’ll be more encouraged to do so if this helps us raise money, so keep those donations coming in! To ask a question, simply visit our website by clicking our logo in the header or footer of this email and contact us, or reply to this email. Questions don’t need donations with them to be answered, but it certainly would be appreciated!

We start off with a ‘What If?’ question that a coworker’s daughter asked me earlier this week: Can a ghost dog save a real dog?

Children come up with great questions.

First, we must answer the question of whether or not ghost dogs exist. Traditionally, we don’t hear about ghost dogs, just ghost humans. These lost souls are forced to wander the earth aimlessly in purgatory, as they were neither sent to Heaven nor Hell. This is how we end up with ghost humans haunting places like graveyards and the DMV.

Dogs don’t fall into this category. All dogs go to heaven, as all dogs are good, exempting them from purgatory. There are no bad dogs, only bad humans. Therefore, there are no ghost dogs.

What about an angel dog, that has gone to Heaven and chooses to return to Earth to help living dogs?
Yes, Virginia, there are angel dogs, and they do come back to Earth to help the living dogs.

We rarely see the documentation of this (this would be intentional, as angel dogs don’t wish to be seen or heard), but we do have evidence of it. You may recall that several years ago, a dog pulled another dog off a busy highway in Chile, after he had been hit by a car, ultimately saving his life:

This hero dog disappeared after saving his fellow canine, and was never seen nor heard from following this event. Truly an angel dog in disguise.

So what is your ‘What If?’ question that we can answer next week?

Blue Skies,

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