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About Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing flights to those in need at no cost, focusing primarily on animal welfare and especially animal rescue flights. We have traveled all over North America – from Mexico to Canada and from California to New York – in pursuit of saving the lives of animals. We utilize all volunteers, ensuring that the maximum amount of donated money goes directly towards Cloud Nine’s mission is to fulfill flight needs that are otherwise difficult to fill.

We are unique in our ability to provide an extremely capable aircraft for long trips. Trips can exceed 700 miles one-way, costing upwards of $2,000 per flight, typically saving 15-20 pets in the process. Being able to perform these trips in a single aircraft makes them less strenuous for those being transported, as well as greatly increasing the ability to complete a mission, by only having one pilot and aircraft required. In addition, our aircraft is larger and more capable than many aircraft frequently used for these types of flights, which allows us to complete flights that otherwise would not be possible.

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