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Posted by cloudninerescueflights, August 22, 2016 11:54 pm
To those who have donated to our fundraising efforts for new propellers so far, thank you! You are propelling us (pun intended) back to our mission of saving homeless pets. I wanted to give you some numbers that show the impact and reach of Cloud Nine, which wouldn’t be possible without your help.
1870. That’s the number of homeless pets Cloud Nine has transported to their forever homes since I founded this organization over 7 years ago. Without a transport from Cloud Nine, these wonderful animals would never have found their forever homes.
18,000: That’s how many human years of happiness we’ve provided to homeless pets and their forever homes.
110. That’s how many transports we have flown. These transports have reached all corners of North America!
26. That’s how many states we have served, either rescuing homeless pets from, or delivering homeless pets to find forever homes. We aren’t regional, we’re national!
153. That’s how many pets we’ve saved in just 4 transports in our new-to-us Cessna 414. That’s an average of more than twice the pets per flight on only 20% more fuel!
0. That’s how much money we’ve spent on salaries, bonuses, and the like. We’re 100% volunteer, and always will be!
0. That’s how many more homeless pets we’ll be able to save without your help.
Did you know that if everyone reading this blog donated $25, we’d be done in under one day? Whether you can donate $25, $50, $100, or even $5, it all helps us get there! Help this thermometer burst! It’s getting fuller by the day!
Update August 23rd: In the past 24 hours, we’ve raised more than $1,400, more than quadrupling how much money we’ve raised so far! That’s the power of $25. The thermometer has been updated accordingly. Thank you!