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Posted by cloudninerescueflights, August 18, 2016 10:42 pm
I am sad to report that Cloud Nine is forced to temporarily suspend operations. The good news is you can help get us back in the air!
Earlier this year, Cloud Nine upgraded aircraft from our 1967 Cessna 310 to a 1977 Cessna 414. While the 310 was a wonderful aircraft in excellent condition, the needs of the groups that we work with pushed us towards a bigger aircraft. We were receiving a number of requests to fly larger numbers of dogs and larger dogs, which the 310 was not able to do. Additionally, we were receiving requests to perform transports that involved crossing the Rockies, the sorts of trips that would require turbochargers and pressurization to do safely and reliably.

I am happy to report that the 414 has been phenomenally successful as a plane for Cloud Nine. We have close to double the capacity while burning only 20% more fuel, making it not only much more capable, but also much more efficient. Our cost per dog we save has been reduced significantly. In just 4 missions since bringing the plane online in June, we have flown over 150 homeless dogs to safety!
Unfortunately, at the conclusion of our most recent trip, we found issues with both of the propellers on the plane. These issues require that we repair both propellers before we continue any further missions. Looking at the options available to us, the best solution that will also provide the best value and improve our capabilities further is to purchase new propellers. We have managed to negotiate a large discount on propellers for our 414. However, we still need to raise $27,000 to purchase these new propellers.


This is an emergency situation! Until we raise the money for new propellers, we will be unable to respond to any mission requests, leaving us unable to save the homeless pets that need transport to their forever homes. Please help us! We will continue to update you on the status, and use this thermometer to show you where we are.
With your help, we can get this thermometer bursting! Please don’t let the homeless pets down who depend on our transports! Donate today at