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What We Do

Mission and Facts About Us

Cloud Nine Rescue Flights aims to eliminate the euthanasia of pets in the United States and provide aid to animals worldwide. We do this by providing safe, fast, and cost-effective air transports of rescue pets, providing animal welfare-related transports to people who provide aid to animals in underserved areas, and by educating the public on the importance of spaying and neutering of pets. In doing so, we manage to not only attack the problem on the surface, but also at its roots.

Cloud Nine is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that relies upon donations, grants and sponsorships to perform our life-saving transports.

We work closely with large, internationally known and small grassroots animal welfare organizations such as:

Cloud Nine is a USDA approved animal carrier.

Our standard missions involve transporting healthy, adoptable pets out of the overcrowded kill shelters in southern states to no-kill shelters and rescues in the northern states. We travel wherever there is a need, and have reached every corner of North America in our mission to save the lives of homeless pets.

Why We Are Unique:

  • Exclusive use of our own all-weather aircraft.
  • Ability to carry 5 times the number of animals (on average) compared to other aviation-based animal rescue transport organizations.
  • Ability to fly coast-to-coast in one day.
  • Ability to fly internationally.
  • Cost-effective:  average per animal cost for transport is $170 (other aviation-based animal rescue transports cost up to 10 times that per animal)

Animals we transport:

There is no restriction on type of animal, although primarily we move dogs and cats as there are the most open homes for them.

We only transport healthy, adoptable animals that are spayed and neutered prior to adoption.

15-20 animals on average are transported on each flight.  The number depends upon size of the animals.

  • 47 Chihuahua puppies were transported at once in one day from CA to NY in January, 2010
  • 32 cats from Cozumel to Pennsylvania were also transported at once in one day in October 2010
  • 52 cats from Missouri to Washington were transported at once in one day in July 2011

The animals ride in the cabin with the pilot, secured in animal carriers, so they are at safe, comfortable altitudes with proper climate control.

A requirement for transport is that the aircraft is full so that we maximize our donated funds and save as many lives as possible.

Our Aircraft: “Sugar Pop”, our Cessna 310

Twin-engine, 600 HP, 6 seat aircraft capable of carrying approximately 12 medium sized dogs or 20 small dogs at speeds up to 220 mph.

Sugar Pop is all-weather capable, meaning we can fly in rain, snow and clouds.

Cloud Nine has a perfect safety record.

Our dedicated volunteer pilots have over 8,000 hours of combined flight experience and hold Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot certifications from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Where We Fly:

Cloud Nine has done transports all across the United States, Mexico, and Canada, as well as Latin America.  We are capable of performing transports anywhere in the Caribbean as well, and are open to requests for flights to any location. All requests are examined on a case-by-case basis.

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